The Cast

Back up Khmer Girl - "Todd"

The Bullies

Taa as Khmer Girl

Kralanh Province // opening scene with bullies harassing khmer girl; cow cot scenes, group of kids on biking together scene (reminder to buy pegs)


Rice Paddy Field Scenes // Taa's Village in Phnom Kram

Krabei Riel Village + Water Channel // fishing + water reflection scene

Phum Kna River // swing rope scene

Siem Reap // Night Scene at deserted amusement park (Ask Dan if he'll ride ferris wheel for tight shots)

Tonle Sap Village // 

Chorb // Tropical tree village with wide roads for filming driving scenes


Lotus Farm outside of Siem Reap // (reminder: Confirm if we can have Dan + Khmer girl to walk through the water field)

cape test shots...

kralanh province extras...

inspiration from the internet...

**Could we project colors on Khmer Girl's face during the ferris wheel scene?**

lotus flower scene...

lotus flower scene...