WOWZA! Do I have a video for you. I went to THE coolest party last week... I'm still not sure if I was even cool enough to be at this party - that's how cool it was, ya know? The ladies of Patina Rentals threw their annual, Patina Roller Jam, and asked meeee to film it. The party went down in a massive, industrial warehouse called The 1896 (ps. from snooping on their instagram, Beyonce films her music videos here, NYFW has runway shows here, it's pretty much the best kept secret, but not so secret, warehouse in the neighborhood). The night consisted of The Skate Truck handing out roller skates (gold glitter roller skates, ppl!), free tattoos from Greenpoint Tattoo Co., as well as not-so-permanent tattoo by Tattly (brian and I went with matching "love" arm tattoos). People boogied down to music by the raddest DJ in Brooklyn, Chances with Wolves. But the star of the show was The Color Condition ya'll. Holy shit. Patina teamed up with the crew, who is based in Texas, on the most visual decor/art installation/I don't know what else to call it (that can be rented for weddings!!) I've ever seen. And if all that wasn't enough to get 200+ people out to bushwick on a week night, there was free food from Roberta's and Cool Haus. One of the more interesting things I discovered that night was, The Bosco - which is a photo stand that automatically prints your instagram photos that were tagged by the hashtag of the night #patinarollerjam. Brides and grooms should definitely get more info on that biz for their big day - so techy + cool! The crazy talented duo, Chellise and Michael of Chellise Michael Photography were there to also capture all the festivities (side note, who knew Michael was amazing at roller skating while simultaneously taking photos with a fancy DSLR camera. wow). Below are Chellise Michael Photography's photos with my video recap. What do you think? Don't you want your reception to be as exciting as this party?! (if you said yes, then please - choose me to film your big day)

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