If you were to look up "two peas in a pod" in the dictionary there would be a (seriously adorable) photo of Alyson + Jordan.  They are a perfect match. I got extra close this this dynamic duo because I spent the day with them a year earlier while filming their engagement video  at Patina Vintage Rentals in Bushwick. Their wedding, that went down at notoriously chic 501 Union, was a total hit and was pulled together by none other than Jove Meyer (possibly the best dressed wedding planner out there?!). Below is the video from their day (made by moi!) and some photos from my incredibly talented gal-pal/photographer, Amber Gress. Spoiler alert: (1) If you're a fan of Broad City (which Alyson is!!), then keep an eye out at 1:57 in the video, when Abbi Jacobson makes an appearance. Alyson and Jordan decided to take the subway to their wedding (how cool is that?!) and as we were walking to the venue we passed Abbi brunching it in the neighborhood. Not only did she say congrats as the couple walked by, she hopped in the shot for a few photos too. (2) Alyson and Jordan rode a freaking FORK LIFT into the sky on that same walk to their venue! Clearly the stars were aligned for their wedding. Below is their seriously rad day... 


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