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Courtney is the principle shooter, creative director and owner of Love + Brain Films. She was born and raised in Minnesota, spent six years living in NYC and is now, by some strange twist of fate, splitting her time between Singapore and New York. Working with her tried and true team of filmmakers, Daniel and Jayme, Love + Brain is truly a transcontinental studio ready to shoot on both sides of the world at a moment’s notice. In addition to her wedding work Courtney is also a Webby Award winning travel video producer. She LOVES (I mean, REALLY LOVES) creative brides and grooms who are putting their own spin on their day. Artful and non-traditional, the team works with couples to tell their unique love story. They strives to capture real emotion; welding videos to music that reflect a couple’s style.

If their typical client had to be summed up? L+B couples are passionate about adventure, fashion, design, traveling and want a digital heirloom of their most treasured moments. 

2015 Schedule

Singapore + Australia // January - April

New York City // May - June

Singapore + SE Asia // July - August

New York City // September - October

Minneapolis + Cape Cod // November - December

Dates don't line up with your big day? Drop us a line, as our schedule is occasionally flexible.

The Wedding Artist Collective

We are repped by The Wedding Artist Collective. If you are interested in booking us for your big day, please contact